Know your worth

I left my job this week after two years and it felt… amazing.

Before I continue, I want it on the record that I loved the people I worked with. So much. In fact, the thought of leaving them behind made me really not want to go.

But it was time. For a number of reasons that I won’t bore you with.

I firmly believe that things happen in your life for a reason. It’s an age old cliché but it’s absolutely true. And you know when it’s your time because the energy you feel – in the air, in your soul – it tells you that this is your moment.

I felt that way when I got an offer to join an incredibly reputable, successful agency. A pipe dream agency. I wasn’t actively looking for a new job, and the opportunity fell into my lap. I couldn’t say no, so I went with it. There’s something to be said about feeling you have nothing to lose in an interview. I am an absolute disaster when interviewing; I get nervous, I get bad word vomit… it’s really not a pretty sight. But this go-around, I felt a confidence I never felt before.

It was weird. I spent two hours in interviews with various team members and for the first time ever in my life, I nailed it. Like… really nailed it. The weeks that followed were a whirlwind of emotions. And when the moment finally came where everything became real, it hit me like a ton of bricks. Emotions. Everywhere.

There’s a lesson to this: don’t ever sell yourself short. Demand better. The second you are able to stand up for yourself, everything will change. The energy you’ll be putting out into the world will attract wonderful things. And it’s okay to mourn what you’ll be losing, no matter your reasons for moving on. That sadness means that people have impacted your life for the better, and hopefully you’ve done the same for them.

These last few months, I’ve seen a lot of change in my life. Some of that change has been good (ie. I’ve opened my own Etsy shop!) and some has been not so good (I had to unintentionally hurt someone). But all of it has served its purpose and taught me different lessons. Most importantly, I’ve really learned to embrace myself – flaws and all – and have gotten better about doing things for myself. One of those things? Starting this blog.

My purpose for Roman Rebellion is to share my experiences in hopes that others who have struggled through the same things I have will learn something. At the very least, I hope they will be able to find value in these posts and maybe – just maybe – find someone to talk to. But most importantly, I hope you will learn to always love yourself. Love yourself enough to take risks to earn better rewards. Enough to forgive yourself when things don’t work out. Love yourself enough to demand better.

Always know your worth.